Colonel's Corner

The Lisa Lou team works hard to produce a platform where women can find commonsense, faith-based advice. From late night sessions, to thousands of picture taking, our black Labrador, Colonel, has been by our side. What became clear early on, was his uncanny ability to photo bomb at the most inopportune time. Yet, when we looked at the pictures we couldn’t help but always say, “It’s perfect!” We figured this was Colonel’s way of saying he’s as much a part of this journey as we are. So, we’re dedicating Colonel’s Corner to all our 4-legged family members. Follow him throughout the blog. You never know where he will pop up! Look for pictures of Louie, the newest member of our family.

This is how we wind down our evenings. Colonel crawls on my lap and gives me his paw to hold.
Working on my business plan with my supportive sidekick.
Louie eagerly waiting for the bank teller to send the capsule. He loves running errands!
I’m just plumb tired from playing with my toy. Fell asleep with it in my arms.
Nothing much cuter than little paws and a sleeping dog.
Picture Perfect
Long day. Played hard. Retrieved mail. Guarded house. I’m pooped!
Walked into the room to Christopher and Louie watching a video together. Two peas in a pod!
Just too cute. Colonel and Louie fast asleep, back paws crossed.
I’m ready to go retrieving, Dad!
“Every night after dinner we curl up on the couch together,” say Colonel and Louie.
Getting a belly suntan on the patio.
Doesn’t get much sweeter than this.

Love the puppy eye look.

“Dad’s exercising on the Peloton so I thought I should get in a few aerobic somersaults.”
“Do I have to get a bath every time I run through poison ivy?”-said Louie.
Perfect thing to do on a rainy day in the mountains...snuggle with your brother and take a nap!
Our nightly routine after dinner.

Colonel (thinking he is a lap dog) lays next to Mom and Louie sleeps in Mom’s arms.

Colonel is very clingy.

When he goes outside to potty, he pokes his head back in the doggy door about every 30 seconds to make sure his pack leader is still there.

Trying to do my Bible study but there’s a little one sound asleep in my lap.
Caz may be married and living under another roof, but Colonel loves it when his brother visits.
Louie, Lisa Lou, and Colonel.

Enjoying a rainy, cozy weekend together.

Basking in the sunlight while waiting for the weekly garbage pick-up.

Put himself in his guard dog stance.

Caz and Colonel intently listening to a conversation.

Colonel wouldn’t leave Caz’s side. So excited to see his brother.

Let me help you, brother. You clean your left paw, and I’ll clean your right.
These two just played very hard and immediately both crashed. Colonel and “drums up” Louie are out l
Whoa! Dad snuck up on me and I got scared.
Louie watching an old MASH sitcom in bed with the family.
Dachshunds remind me of little peanuts when they sleep curled up.
“Instead of playing Where’s Waldo let’s play Where’s Louie?!?”
Colonel likes to carry his stuffed “Louie.”

We don’t call this toy Louie. Don’t want him retrieving his real brother. Yikes!

It’s a pea-soup type of day in Houston.

I’m sitting cross-legged and working from the couch today. Even the dogs don’t want to be outside. Colonel is curled up next to me and Louie is under the pillow and on my lap. It’s a little hard to type!

Bedtime in the Zook family (gotta love my oversized favorite plaid flannels). Louie decided “dog” is
Best buddies enjoying a warm fire together.
Stick in mouth and distracted by a bird. Happy dog.
Bet you didn’t know dachshunds were part bat!
When you are just too tired to get on the couch.

Yes, Colonel is asleep.

Family night of charades.

Colonel and Caz were great partners!

Playing Dog-opoly. Colonel advises Cecelia to buy the property!
Louie makes a great pillow for Colonel.
“Where’s Waldo? I mean Louie?” Sleeping buried like a typical dachshund.
Hard for Christopher to concentrate on the game with 13 pounds laying in his arm. He still won!
Louie and I are working hard today.
It doesn’t matter what my husband does.

His pack follows him. The mundane morning routine of getting dressed? That’s alright with Colonel and Louie. They follow him loyally and wait for his next move.

“I’m stuck!”-Squealed a loud Louie upon trying to retrieve his ball.
“Was that thunder?!?”-said Louie.
Only 10am.

Put himself to bed. Already had a long day!

Houston had our first freeze of the season this week!

Time to break out the sweaters!

Typical dachshund. They were bred to hunt badgers underground.

This is why they like to burrow under blankets. Louie has an entire bed to sleep on but unless he can bury his head he does not think he is underground.

Another cozy, rainy day on the porch.
“Another rainy day. Watching the rain and feeling cozy on mom’s stomach,” says Louie.
You’re telling me I just caught an elephant?!?
Long drive in the car. This was the look from the backseat. Interpret it how you wish!
Working at my desk. Feet on my stool. “Mom, may I sit in your lap?”
Snuggling on the outdoor chaise for a no-make-up day in cold Appalachian mountains. Louie sleeping i

Colonel makes a good head rest.

I’m not allowed to run around for a few days so I sit in my toy box and play.
Tough day.
Beautiful fall day in the North Carolina mountains.

Waiting for the veterinarian to come get me for my flu shot. Mom and Dad are getting theirs tomorrow. Have you had yours?

Great visit with our daughter (in law). She exercised every day, and Louie worked out with her. Actually, she meant he sunbathed while she worked out.

Sleeping nose to nose.
Huge thunderstorm in the mountains.

Sitting on a small loveseat. Now joined by 96# Colonel and 12# Louie who are scared of the noise. We don’t all fit!

It’s thundering!
Waiting on dad to return from golf.
Had a long day. Time for bed,” says Louie.
Sleepy Louie being carried to bed.
Gazing into the sunset. Wonder what he’s thinking?
Gotta love those eyes.
No toys around?

A stick will work. Who do you think won this tug-of-war?? Louie or Colonel?

Always together.
12 pound Louie stole 96 pound Colonel’s cheese stick.

Immediate reaction? Colonel ran to Dad, put his head in his lap as if to cry, “ My brother stole my toy!”

Morning routine: go outside; eat a milk one; go back to sleep in mom’s lap.

This is the sweet picture I see each morning.

Louie’s morning routine: run the driveway, wrestle with Colonel, collapse in exhaustion between pill

We call this position: Sticks up.

Louie on an outing with Mom.
Organizing cabinets today.

Designated two shelves for all things dog related. Louie misunderstood. 😂

Snug as a bug and sound asleep. Louie had an active morning playing with Colonel.

Louie had an active morning playing with Colonel.

Louie after a hard day of play.

Even sitting straight up he’s still snoring!

Typical morning playing with the cheese stick.

Colonel always gets on his back so Louie has a chance. They are best buds!

Louie after a hard day playing with his brother, Colonel.
I opened the patio doors to listen to the birds.

Grabbed my coffee and getting ready to do my bible study. Louie beat me to it. Found him perched on the ottoman, listening to the birds and sitting on top of my journaling bible. He knows who his Creator is!

Colonel and Louie.

Best buds taking a break from playing fetch.

Colonel and Louie asleep
Spending a lazy day on the porch reading and researching for our upcoming interview.

Be on the lookout for a podcast @cecelia__zook and I will do together about the Mother-in-law/Daughter-in-law relationship. What are the pitfalls? How do you achieve a great relationship, and what is God’s plan? (9- month Louie was enjoying listening to the birds!)

Lounging Louie

And little Louie says ”...ahhh, life is good.”

Sleeping Louie
Guard Duty

I was running circles around the island and suddenly saw another dog. I quickly sat and stared at him. He just stared back. I need to be on alert. He might come back!

Louie Sleeping

I just had a big meal and ready to go to sleep in Mom’s arms.

Typical dachshund position.

On back, drumsticks up, head covered. Making him feel he is hidden because head is covered. Forgetting how long his body is. Adorable!

Another day of blogging
Making the bed

Every time I pick up a decorative pillow to make the bed, Colonel picks up his pillow and walks back and forth with me while he “makes” his bed.

Rodeo Time

The world’s largest livestock show, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, begins tomorrow. The bluebonnets are beginning to bloom and today is TEXAS Independence Day. Spring is coming and today we celebrate!

Have you voted?

Mission complete. “Well done, Mom!”

Colonel & Louie Playing

Even though we are very different, we have learned to play well together.

Playing in the basket

“I found my big brother’s toy basket!”

Mmh Coffee

Running errands with Mom. That coffee at Starbucks sure smells good!

Play Time

“Ok, you’re morning quiet time has gone on long enough. Please play with me!”

Trick Time

This is my best trick. I can fall asleep (you can tell by my half open red eyes) and still hold the bottle in my mouth.

Looking Up

And Louie said to Colonel, “Wow, you’re big!”

Puppy dog eyes

I've mastered the puppy dog eyes

Happy Hour

Happy Hour with the family.

Road trip with Mom and Dad.

I slept most of the way.

Colonel's Cottage

Mom and Dad named the house after me!

Hide and Seek

Dad and I play Hide and Seek every night with each other.

Movie Time

Watching Hallmark movies with Mom. Ok, well, actually laying in Mom’s lap while she watches Hallmark movies. Life’s good.

Sleepy Time

I just had a big meal and ready to go to sleep in Mom’s arms.

Visit to the Vet

My little brother, Louie, had his first vet appointment today. I came along and got to hang out with my friends at the front desk while Louie was with the doctor. They played games with me.


At bedtime I get my cheese stick and lay in bed with Mom and Dad. I get a belly rub every night!

Colonel at 22 months.

I’ve mastered the puppy-eyed look! Mom and Dad melt every time.

Louie at 15 weeks.

Puppy love and computer work. Best way to spend a Saturday.

Louie at 13 weeks.

Fell asleep in Mom’s lap while watching a movie.

Colonel and Tennis Balls behind scenes

Today was very exciting. I got to see a commercial filmed in my home. I almost caused an accident, though. I thought the commercial people had used my tennis balls without asking me. I went over to retrieve them back! Uh oh, those weren’t mine. I kept my favorite toy with me, for security, the rest of the day.

Little but Mighty

At just 10 weeks and 6 pounds, I can carry my big brother’s ball!

Nap Time

Sitting with my little brother, Louie, at nap time.

Playing Hide and Seek

My favorite hideaway.

Vet Visit

First visit to the vet.

Big and Little

The world can seem very big to those around us. So love others well by meeting them on their level.

Meeting Louie

Colonel meets his baby brother, Louie, for the first time.

Christmas Party Outfit

I’m ready for the Christmas party my family is hosting!

Mail Time

Anxiously awaiting the mail delivery.

Playing Outside

I'm getting into the Christmas spirit with my bandana!

I've Got The Best Team

Look at all of us hard at work, creating great things for all of you. I love my team!

Hard At Work

I'm exhausted after a long day of blogging. It takes so long to type when you have puppy paws.

I'll Help You Get Ready

Helping mom get clothes planned for tomorrow.

Halloween Costume

“I’m a yankee doodle dogggggy.” I was Uncle Sam for Halloween.

Mornings Are The Best

Staring at the birds in the North Carolina mountains.

Time For Bible Study

Mornings doing Bible study with my mom.

I Can Help Make The Bed

When mom makes the bed, I get my pillow and make my bed, too.

Come Play Ball With Me

If I stare at mom long enough she’ll come throw the ball to me.

I love you

I know I'm cute!

Soccer Time

I can dribble the soccer ball by myself.

Neutered :(

Cone of shame. I’ve been neutered. ☹

Look What I Brought!

Oops, sorry. I grabbed a little extra with the ball.

Football Time

Football is my favorite sport!

Christmas Time

I love Christmas!

I Want To Help Too

Helping my mom unpack her suitcase.

But dad, you don't have to go

I must admit. I’m a daddy’s boy. I pout when he gets ready in the morning because I know he’s going to work. So I hide between his legs hoping he won’t go.

Look how big I'm getting

I’m getting bigger! So is my puppy belly.

Colonel 2018

This was when I was just a puppy.

When I Was A Puppy

Trips to the vet can be scary!

Coming Home!

Mom and dad chose me out of the entire litter. I was born in Mississippi but on my way home to Texas!